Anywhere, somehow.

As much as I would like to comprehend absence as an abstract concept, it seems to be a giant oppressive anxiety that grows silently, deeply surrounding every piece of hope that it won't last much.
At the same time, my dreams keep telling me everything will be fine, that you're always behind me, always ready to put your arms around a scared and insecure version of myself. I keep telling myself not to be afraid, every time I wake up from a dream about you and you're not there. It hurts a little, and it scares me to death to think of a place where we are not together.

But there is no such place. We are always together. Anywhere, somehow.
We both know -even when we don't believe it that much - that absence is just a short period of time that will come soon, last long enough and finally end.

In the meantime, I stick to the feeling of your arms around my stubborn body that's screaming for anything that does not mean absence at all.
Any where love is, absence cannot be.

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